Summertime Tips for Dealing with Rosacea

Summertime Prevention Tips

There is nothing more annoying than dealing with sensitive skin issues like Rosacea while on vacation. The following tips are designed to prevent full-fledged occurrences, so that you may fully enjoy your relaxing moments in the sun.

  • When on vacation and choosing restaurants and locations, avoid triggering factors (hot or spicy foods, sun exposure, hot or cold temperatures, temperature fluctuations etc.), as much as possible.
  • If you are determined to hit the beach, remember to use UV-protective creams with a protective factor of at least 15 – even better if it’s waterproof. Since it is unclear whether UVB or UVAs are triggering factors, it is advisable to give preference to filters that block them both. Also, use moisturizing creams that protect the skin against harsh temperatures and wind.
  • Make sure you immediately remove the chlorine and salt from your skin after swimming in the sea or in the pool.
  • Avoid cosmetic products containing potentially irritating substances such as alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, menthol, eucalyptol.

If you suffer from sensitive skin issues like Rosacea that worsen during your period, try using Organyc® 100% pure, organic cotton feminine care products that protect and respect your sensitive skin.

In a large scale gynecological study, Corman’s feminine care products containing pure cotton like Organyc solved skin irritation with a 90% success rate within 90 days.

It is estimated 63% of women believe they suffer from sensitive skin and many do, indeed, experience itching and irritation.  Cotton is soft, gentle and naturally breathable. Skin does not react with cotton. 100% pure organic cotton (the purest type) hypoallergenic products are highly recommended for women who suffer from recurring yeast infections.  Learn more.

Why Organic Cotton is the Best, Purest Kind

Unlike most other nationally advertised brands of pads, liners and tampons made of synthetics, like rayon and cellulose (wood pulp), Organyc has created a line of feminine care products using only the finest organic cotton – inside and out.

  • Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.
  • Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, therefore organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
  • Third­-party certification organizations attentively regulate organic production.
  • Federal regulations prohibit the use of genetically engineered seed for organic farming.
  • All cotton sold as organic in the United States must meet strict federal guidelines that regulate how the cotton is grown.

Why Choose Organyc Feminine Care Products?

Your vagina comes into contact with the pads or tampons we use for 24 hours a day, at least 3-6 days in a row. If you do not consciously make the Organyc choice, you may find yourself in contact with materials such as plastic, super absorbent chemical gels, cellulose fibers, chlorine whiteners, or perfumes. Natural transpiration fails, causing skin friction and the development of microorganisms and bacteria. Intimate health is exposed to the risk of skin reactions and allergies.

Instead, by choosing Organyc 100% pure, organic cotton feminine care products your vagina will be in direct contact with comfortable, hypoallergenic and breathable organic cotton, cultivated without the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals.

Another advantage of pure 100% organic cotton is that Organyc products are skin pH compatible, so they are an excellent solution for women with sensitive skin to help avoid allergic reaction and skin irritation. They are also clinically and dermatologically tested and have been shown to be effective for avoiding skin irritation.

Some brands are bleached in chlorine.  Organyc products use peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant. Since Organyc is made entirely of soft, comfortable organic cotton, everything that touches your sensitive skin is, of course, also organic cotton (the finest type). Organyc brand 100% organic cotton feminine products are breathable, biodegradable, perfume-free and plastic-free.

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About Organyc sensitive skin feminine care products.  Organyc feminine care products are made of 100% organic cotton inside and out are the only brand which provides complete protection for you and your sensitive skin. They have unsurpassed absorbency and leak protection and are cotton-soft and gentle. Conceived in Milan, Italy, they are now available at leading stores and ecommerce retailers throughout the U.S.  To try a sample (tampons, liners or pads) or learn more call 1-844-ORGANYC (1-844-674-2692) or visit the Samples & Coupons page.

*EVVITA Study based on a test of 306 women with discomfort and irritation or itching in the vulvo-vaginal area. 70% regularly suffered from these symptoms.  50% of women in the study described the symptoms as ‘unbearable’ or ‘very annoying’.
The study was conducted by three leading  gynecologists with the support of the Board of Experts.  105 gynaecologists participated in recruitment.

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