Summertime Tips for Dealing with Rosacea


“I really regret taking SUCH good care of my skin.”

Said No One EVER

Rosacea is a redness that affects the cheeks and small blood vessels of the face. It is a chronic skin disease and tends to affect women of light complexion. Symptoms and signs of rosacea include reddened areas on the face, red bubbles or pustules on the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, obvious small blood vessels on the nose and / or cheeks with a tendency to redness.

Although rosacea usually develops on the cheeks, it may also affect the forehead, chin, eye contour, neck and chest.


The causes of the onset of rosacea are unknown, but a vascular origin is likely to be linked to both genetic predisposition and environmental causes. The tendency to blush easily as a result of emotional (excitement, anxiety, fear etc.), external (hot, cold, sunlight, physical exertion, etc.) or physiological (digestion, ingestion of spicy foods, alcohol intake, flushing Menopause, etc.) stimuli is considered a predisposing factor. Even taking some drugs (vasodilators and some antihypertensives) may trigger (or worsen) the condition.

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