Sleeping Beauty, 2 Pimples and the App that Saved Her


“They had a child, and she filled their lives with sunshine.”

Sleeping Beauty


…Until she started getting her period.


I stare at my daughter and reflect.

  • 2 pimples: one smack in the middle of her forehead and the other in the crevice, indentation between her nostril and her cheek.
  • She has assumed silent, indifferent, blank face mode for the past 3 days. (Drives me crazy)
  • Yesterday, she came home from school, ate 5 spoonfuls of Nutella from the jar, a bag of microwave popcorn, took a two hour power nap, fought with her best friend, and was in bed for the night at 10:30 pm without me having to threaten to shut down wifi.
  • She proceeded to sleep through her alarm clock.

All signs indicate….

“Jessica!!! Grab some Organyc pads, and throw them in your backpack!” I yell as she’s about to leave for school.

“Mom, I’m late, and my period isn’t due for another week!” she screams back.

We’ve never quite mastered our indoor voices.

“Jessica, now, or you’ll be sorry!” I apply my highly effective listen-to-your-Mother-or-else menacing tone, which obviously works, because the sound of her Dr. Martens stomping to the bathroom reverberate through the house. She slams the cabinet, stomps towards the front door, shouts the obligatory “love you, bye,” and bangs the front door shut on her way out.

I roll out of bed and pop a k-cup in the Keurig. It’s really bad when the headache pounds before you even begin to think about the stressful day awaiting you.

I drink my coffee and search for a menstruation app. There must be an App to predict and manage your body, your mood swings, cravings, and other potential physiological monthly phenomena guaranteed to cause a hormonal sh#@storm.

Bam! Staring back at me in all of its “I will save your daughter” glory is the App, “Period Tracker.” I straighten my invisible SuperMom cape, flip my hair, and noticeably relax as I have found the perfect tool to convince my daughter not only that I am not psychic (I predict her

periods practically to the first drop of blood), but that she, too, can learn to become more aware of her emotional and physical well-being.

Period Tracker not only has a handy calendar to keep track of her cycle, but a list of symptoms and moods to check off, so that she is conscious of the correlation between that time of the month and how her body reacts.

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