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Why Organyc’s Organic Cotton is the Purest, Best Cotton

Unlike most other nationally advertised brands of pads, liners and tampons made of synthetics, like rayon and cellulose (wood pulp), Organyc has created a line of feminine care products using only the finest cotton – 100% pure organic cotton.

  • Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.
  • Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, therefore organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
  • Third­-party certification organizations attentively regulate organic production.
  • Federal regulations prohibit the use of genetically engineered seed for organic farming.
  • All cotton sold as organic in the United States must meet strict federal guidelines that regulate how the cotton is grown.

You don’t buy feminine care products because they’re better for the environment and you can make a statement.  You buy them to protect you.  Organyc protects – both you and your sensitive skin.

Another advantage of pure 100% organic cotton is that Organyc products are skin pH compatible, so they are an excellent solution for women with sensitive skin to help avoid allergic reaction and skin irritation. They are also clinically and dermatologically tested and have been shown to be effective for avoiding skin irritation. Some brands are bleached in chlorine.  Organyc products use peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant.

Since Organyc is made entirely of soft, comfortable organic cotton, everything that touches your sensitive skin is, of course, also organic cotton (the finest type). Organyc brand 100% organic cotton feminine products are breathable, biodegradable, perfume-free and plastic-free.

It may be time to do some research to evaluate the brand of tampons you currently use.  Read the ingredients used in Tampax, Playtex, o.b. or Kotex and compare it to Organyc.

With Organyc tampons, the best blend of comfort, hygiene, convenience, and safety exists. By using a tampon, you can allow your skin to “breathe” free from the constant contact and direct absorption of pads, while at the same time protecting the already fragile balance of your intimate areas.

My girls and I communicate honestly, especially about anything regarding the female anatomy. I explained to them the proper use of a tampon, because I want them to be aware that anything entering their body could be potentially harmful. They need to know now to respect their bodies and to be extremely aware of the products that they use. I choose Organyc tampons because I know that there are no harmful chemicals involved, and I do not want my girls ever experiencing vaginal irritation.

Make sure you correctly use your Organyc tampons:

  • Wash your hands with soap or an antibacterial disinfectant before and after inserting the tampon.
  • Make sure you change your tampon frequently, as indicated in the instruction manual in the box. If the tampon is soaked with menstrual blood, and you keep it in too long, the blood may become a bacterial outbreak. One of the common causes of intimate infections is the improper use of tampons.
  • Store your tampons in a dry environment and check their condition before using them.
  • Choose Organyc 100% pure, organic cotton tampons, which are hypoallergenic and guaranteed to protect and respect your sensitive skin.

Educate yourself to improve your awareness of products that come into close contact with your most intimate body parts, especially if you have sensitive skin. Live by choice…and not by chance.


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About Organyc sensitive skin feminine care products.  Organyc feminine care products are made of 100% organic cotton inside and out are the only brand which provides complete protection for you and your sensitive skin. They have unsurpassed absorbency and leak protection and are cotton-soft and gentle. Conceived in Milan, Italy, they are now available at leading stores and ecommerce retailers throughout the U.S.  To order a sample (tampons, liners or pads) or learn more call 1-844-ORGANYC (1-844-674-2692) or visit the Samples & Coupons page.

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