Life is Like a Box of Cereal


“If you wait long enough to make dinner, everyone will just eat cereal. It’s a science.”

-Anon Mom

If I could have, I would have chosen cereal based on the “surprise” inside. My parents were divorced, and I spent most of my breakfasts at my mom’s house. She was a fake health fanatic. She could eat whatever she wanted, but my sister and I had to limit our sugar intake. The breakfast of choice on a daily basis was Cheerios. My life was utterly depressing for many years until they thankfully came out with “Honey-nut Cheerios,” which added flavor to my bleh bowl of cereal. As others chowed down on the breakfast of champions, we filled our bowls with tasteless, colorless Cheerios.

I counted the days until Friday night, when I would sleep at my friend’s house. Not only did she have the best collection of Barbies, Barbie car, and TWO Ken dolls, but she had a three cereal selection for breakfast including: Cap’n Crunch, Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch and Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries.
Heaven on a breakfast table.

They also had whole milk and not gross skim milk, which completely improved the entire experience.

I have no idea how many bowls I ate, I only know it was at least two refills a cereal. They eventually stopped inviting me over their house, because I don’t think they could afford me. But, the damage was done, I had experienced sugar cereals.
I convinced my dad to buy Cap’n Crunch, most divorced dads find it extremely difficult to say no to a manipulative daughter, so at least once a week, I chowed down on some quality cereal.

Fast forward to Motherhood.

LIKE HELL I WOULD EVER BUY MY CHILDREN SUGAR CEREALS! I would NEVER buy anything other than Cheerios, HOWEVER, I slice bananas, fresh strawberries, add blueberries, and top it with organic whole milk. Cereal must be colorful, fun, and good for you.

As usual, my mom was right.

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