Back to School: Trust your Sixth Sense

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It was my first day of terror, I mean High school.

I was ready for my new teenage life, when a sudden thought crossed my mind.

What if I don’t make any friends?

As the rain poured and soaked my flat-ironed hair to the point of total frizz, I waited in line to walk inside the building. I had one of those tiny umbrellas that flip inside-out at the slightest breeze, and could barely keep it over my head, frizz was an understatement.

The next to last terrified individual to enter the building, I began seeking my classroom, “9G,” obviously on the second floor. As I approached the stairs, my adidas Superstars slipped, and I almost fell flat on my…you get the picture. Things were going really smoothly for me. Not. When I finally got to my classroom, I entered and beelined it for a desk in the corner, then I turned to look at everyone else. People were sitting in different groups and talking. Before I could insert myself in one of these groups, my English teacher popped into the classroom with a class of 10th graders following.

Beyond mortifying.

I tried to make eye contact with them in a “Have mercy, I know you went through this last year” kind of way, but when I saw a couple of hot guys, I looked down, totally embarrassed.

After giving us a welcome speech, they left the classroom and our teacher assigned seats. I was desperate to make a friend and found myself seated next to Taylor. She was so nice and totally obsessed with Eminem. She kept slipping me an earbud to listen to his songs.

To my surprise, I found myself cracking jokes in the middle of lessons, it was like my mouth had taken control of my brain and was unstoppable. I loved making people laugh. A girl named Alexa sat next to me, and I was really happy to be friends with her, I mean more friends is better… right?

My First Day of 10th Grade

I have learned that “the more friends you have, the better,” is not always the case, especially when the 6th sense alarm starts blaring.

I trusted one of my friends too much, and got hurt by the popular group.  Last year, being popular had been so important to me that it caused me to blindly trust a person who was flat out mean to other people who were important to me.

My friend was fake. And I finally came to the realization that it was better to be alone than used by a bunch of insecure, spoiled girls just because I have a hot older brother.  Once I came to that painful conclusion, I opened myself to making new and different friends. That was when I met my current best friend, Caitlyn, who introduced me to K-POP and handed me an Organyc pad when I got my period in the middle of Algebra. She saved me from a potentially devastating moment.

Right before school started this year, I got a text from my old fake friend wondering why we were no longer friends. I explained to her that I was sick of being used for the rides my brother could provide and wished her all the best.

When I approached my school this year, I did so with a smile, excited to see Caitlyn who was saving me a seat next to her. Bring on Sophomore year!

– Sophie Chan

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