Alert: Save- Don’t Shave- your Pubic Hair

Love Your Pubes

Yes, we were given pubic hair for many reasons. Before choosing to remove it, make sure you are aware of the purposes it serves:

  • Your pubic hair creates a barrier, preventing bacteria or viruses from causing infections or illnesses.
  • It keeps your vagina at a pleasant and proper temperature, so that it functions properly.
  • Your pubic hair contains your personal aroma (created by pheromones) that transmits sexual signals and stimulates your partner’s desire.
  • It prevents vaginal irritation and redness during sexual intercourse.

Reasons to Bury the Razor

While many women opt for the Brazilian wax to steam things up in the bedroom, the number one reason that women choose to regularly shave their pubic hair is for intimate hygiene motives. They insist that shaving or waxing makes them feel cleaner. However, the removal of pubic hair does not make that area cleaner: cutting hair irritates and inflames the hair follicles, leaving small, open wounds. When the irritation is combined with a humid and warm environment, this can become fertile ground for pathogenic bacteria, especially Group A streptococcus. Your pubic hair also provides a cushion against friction, which causes abrasions and injuries, as well as offering protection against pathogenic bacteria. Eliminating pubic hair irritates hair follicles and leaves micro abrasions (invisible to the naked eye). Constant hair removal is also the cause of the appearance of annoying ingrown hairs, small burns, and cuts whether you use wax, or a razor.

You should also be aware that various studies have shown that women who choose full depilation are more likely to suffer from genital herpes. Shaving causes micro wounds that expose the body to contracting this sexually transmitted disease.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, pay extra close attention to avoid waxing, shaving or utilizing depilatory creams that will cause your skin trauma.

To promote 360° of quality vaginal health, protect your pubes and remember these good habits, especially during your period:

  • Wear cotton panties. Cotton dries quickly and allows the air to circulate freely through the fibers. This prevents the development of a moist environment. Moisture creates an imbalance between “good” bacteria and causes the proliferation of potentially harmful bacteria capable of causing an infection. Synthetic materials, silk, lace or other fabrics are not particularly breathable.
  • If you like to wear panties made of non-cotton materials, make sure the section of the lingerie that comes into contact with your vagina is covered with an Organyc® 100% pure, organic cotton panty liner.
  • Use Organyc products designed to respect a woman’s sensitive skin:
    • Made from 100% organic cotton – the purest kind – inside and out
    • Organyc proudly displays the 100% Cotton seal
    • Organyc brand pads, liners, and tampons have been UL tested and demonstrate comparable performance to Always and Tampax
    • Free from:
      • chlorine bleach
      • latex
      • parabens
      • perfumes
      • dyes
      • super absorbent chemicals
      • plastics*
      • man made materials
      • wood pulp
      • synthetics
    • Clinically proven to not cause skin rashes, irritations, etc. and to help alleviate skin problems that can be caused by other feminine hygiene products.
    • Breathable and hypoallergenic
    • Skin pH compatible
      * The backsheet is made of biodegradable film.

Save – don’t shave – your pubic hair, and use Organyc 100% pure, organic feminine care products to protect and respect your sensitive skin.

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