100% Pure, Organic Panty Liners for Women with Sensitive Skin

You can find panty liners of various types and materials available on the market. Choosing Organyc® 100% pure, organic cotton panty liners provides greater comfort, softness and hypoallergenicity, as well as better perspiration, since authentic cotton naturally helps to prevent the rise of moisture and the temperature of the intimate area, thus avoiding the proliferation of bacteria. Using Organyc panty liners will reduce the risk of allergy, dermatitis and intense vaginal itching. Made with 100% organic cotton, with an organic cotton top sheet and absorbent core, Organyc panty liners are highly absorbent, hypoallergenic and breathable.

Organyc Hypoallergenic 100% Organic Cotton Panty Liners

  • Cotton is naturally fresh, highly absorbent, breathable, pH neutral, and respectful of the most sensitive skin
  • Ideal for women with skin-sensitive who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials
  • 100% organic cotton non woven biodegradable biopolymer on the back-sheet

100% Pure Cotton

Organyc brand products leave you with a safe and secure sensation because they are only made with 100% pure organic cotton — inside and out. Some other feminine care brands are made of synthetics, like rayon, cellulose (wood pulp) and super absorbent material.

The good news is, because they are 100% organic cotton, Organyc feminine care products are skin pH compatible, which means they are excellent for women with sensitive skin and help in combating allergic reaction and skin irritation. They are even clinically and dermatologically tested as an effective means of avoiding skin irritation. While other brands products are sometimes bleached in chlorine, Organyc panty liners, pads and tampons are bleached instead in peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant. Since Organyc products are made entirely of soft, comfortable organic cotton, everything that touches you is, of course, also organic cotton. And Organyc 100% organic cotton products are also breathable, biodegradable, perfume-free and plastic-free.

Expressly Designed and Created for Comfort

Everything about Organyc brand products stands for comfort. They are 100% pure cotton, through and through, one of the softest, most comfortable materials in the world. Plus Organyc guarantees maximum absorption. It is comforting and reassuring to know they are so absorbent that, according to Cotton, Inc., cotton is actually able to absorb 24 times its weight in liquid.

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About Organyc sensitive skin feminine care products.  Organyc feminine care products are made of 100% organic cotton inside and out are the only brand which provides complete protection for you and your sensitive skin. They have unsurpassed absorbency and leak protection and are cotton-soft and gentle.  Conceived in Milan, Italy, they are now available at leading stores and ecommerce retailers throughout the U.S.  To try a sample (tampons, liners or pads) or learn more call 1-844-ORGANYC (1-844-674-2692) or visit the Samples & Coupons page.

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