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What would you consider “essential” to living a quality life?

You may respond bread, pasta, rice, newspapers and even dentures. While you can live without a tablet, it is not possible for menstruating women to live without pads or tampons in order to lead a normal and healthy life. Without pads to handle once a month bleeding, how can women actively participate in society? They would experience serious consequences in terms of both physical and mental health. Needless to say, girls and women who live disadvantaged situations or who are unable to obtain necessary products are forced to miss days of school or work.

Two teenage sisters in South Orange, N.J., Emma and Quinn Joy, launched Girls Helping Girls. Period. to help ensure that women have the products they need, when they need them. “When we learned that women and girls often have to miss work and school because they can’t afford the basic necessities, we were shocked,” said Emma. Added Quinn, “Can you imagine not being able to go to work because you didn’t have enough toilet paper to properly clean yourself?”

An inability to afford menstrual products and embarrassment that many girls face about a totally normal biological process can become a major disruption in a young woman’s academic path. No one should have to miss school or compromise her dignity because of a natural body function. Period.

Organyc ® believes that a healthy period happens with no additives, nothing artificial and it is not genetically modified.

As natural a process as menstruation is, that is how pure and natural Organyc sensitive skin feminine care products are created.

It is your own ecosystem working in harmony with nature. It is the original state of being for all women. While you may not agree that you’re at your best when you have your period, it actually is your best being released, naturally. Hormones do their thing in your body in the name of fertility. And they do it every month, give or take a couple of days. With every woman, the cycle length is a little different, as well as the number of days your period lasts. Menstruation is an organic part of who you are.

As natural a process as menstruation is, that is how pure and natural Organyc sensitive skin feminine care products are created. Choosing wisely to protect your skin during your menstrual cycle is extremely important. Unlike most feminine care products, Organyc is made with only 100% organic cotton. Organyc products contain no synthetics, no SAPs and no wood pulp/cellulose. Organyc only uses hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant, to bleach the cotton.

Kudos to the young women who are making a difference by raising their voices to promote free feminine care products in schools! If you are one of these amazing advocates, please contact us, we’d love to share your story.

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About Organyc sensitive skin feminine care products.  Organyc feminine care products are made of 100% organic cotton inside and out are the only brand which provides complete protection for you and your sensitive skin. They have unsurpassed absorbency and leak protection and are cotton-soft and gentle. Conceived in Milan, Italy, they are now available at leading stores and ecommerce retailers throughout the U.S.  To order a sample (tampons, liners or pads) or learn more call 1-844-ORGANYC (1-844-674-2692 or visit the Samples & Coupon page. 

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