The Summer Tampon

What Could be Causing Such Irritation?

Some brands of pads are made of viscose or cellulose (rayon) fibers. If you are allergic to these materials you should avoid using tampons with these ingredients. Some tampon brands may contain chemicals that are dangerous to women’s health and even carcinogenic components. Rayon and dioxin are two examples of potentially dangerous materials found in some tampon brands.

My Pads and Tampons are Made of What?

No, many brands are not made of 100% cotton. Many well-known brands of tampons, pads and panty liners are made of mostly synthetics like rayon.  Pads from many other brands also contain chemicals called SAPs, which stands for Super Absorbent Powders. While doing their job to absorb better, SAPs are made from chemicals called polymers that are derived from crude oil. Think how close those chemicals will be to your vulvo-vaginal area!

Tampons and pads often contain wood pulp. It’s not what you expect. But that’s what you are probably using.  Cotton is the preferred absorbent material.

Bleached? Did you say they’re bleached?

Yes. Some feminine care brands are made with material that is bleached with chlorine that can leave a dioxin residue.  You don’t want that I contact with your most sensitive skin.

Organyc® is 100% Pure, Authentic Organic Cotton Guaranteed to Protect and Respect You and Your Sensitive Skin

Unlike the big national feminine care brands, only Organyc is made with 100% pure, gentle organic cotton bleached in hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant.  They do not contain synthetics, SAPs or wood pulp like many ordinary products do.

We love hearing from women who have tried Organyc and shared their experience.

(Nicole is an actor reading an actual review that we received.)

Listen to your body’s signals, and ask why your body may become irritated when wearing tampons. The irritation may be caused by the feminine care products you are currently using. To learn more about Organyc 100% pure, organic cotton feminine care products, and request a sample, click here.

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