The Summer Tampon

All hail the summer tampon!

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Every woman gives thanks for the existence of tampons at least once a day during her once a month in the sweltering heat of the Summer. Thanks to those tampons, we never miss a happy hour swim party, freely twirl around in light, flirty, floral, short dresses, and build sandcastles to the tune of the gleeful giggles of our adorable kidlings. Tampons represent a beacon of light in the menstruation tunnel.

That is, unless your sensitive skin finds itself in the middle of an itching, burning, infernal reaction to your tampon.

Could you be allergic to the tampons you are currently using?  Allergic reactions to tampons may occur based on external factors as well as the specific ingredients in the material of the particular tampon coming into direct contact with the most sensitive part of your body.

External Factors

External factors provoking allergy symptoms usually occur during the summer, when the arrival of hot temps and excessive humidity leads to an increase in perspiration. Another outside factor involves stress, which may lower your body’s immune defense system including that of your epidermis. If your vagina is affected by external elements such as heat or stress, an intense sensation of discomfort may ensue. Be aware of sensitive skin symptoms such as burning, itching and redness.

Potential Reactions to the Ingredients in your Tampons

While external factors identified as potential triggers for irritation and inflammation may be addressed and regulated to improve vaginal discomfort, many women never consider that the actual materials used in the the tampon, itself, may be provoking a reaction. The vagina is extremely delicate and the use of pads or tampons for prolonged periods of time can easily redden or irritate sensitive areas. While it is extremely important to avoid wearing synthetic panties and tight clothing, it is even more important to educate yourselves on the ingredients used in your favorite tampons.

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