The REALLY Hot Dad

The greatest gift a dad can give his daughter is love and time.

“When my Father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.”
– Linda Poindexter

Dads come in many shapes and sizes; they may rock the thick-haired, immaculate gel look, or work the shaven-bald style. They may appear regularly in the carpool line, or sporadically during teacher-parent conferences. You may even spot them screaming encouragement to their star athlete children from the sidelines, while checking the stock market on their mobile phones.

Single dads of adorable little girls are easily recognizable. You can spot them in a variety of places: carrying loads of packages while waiting outside of Justice at the Mall, sweating the humidity in line at the snowball stand as their little girl waits patiently in the air-conditioned car, happily buying x-large popcorn and soda at the movies, all the while grinning in adoration as they receive text messages filled with hearts and smileys from their baby girl.

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