Temptations and Cravings: SMH

“Note to myself: When I eat like crap, I feel like crap.”
Anonymous Woman

PMS and struggling to watch what I eat = life’s cruelest joke. While my imagination runs wild in particular moments and places, no matter how hard I try, the dreaded rice cake just will not taste like a Nestle Crunch bar. However, it does strongly resemble eating styrofoam. Dominating the hunger beast with rice cakes is mission impossible, and if it weren’t 3 pm I would just go to sleep to avoid the craving. But it’s 3 pm, and I’m really junkfood hungry.
I decide to text my friend.

“Kim, tell me a story about something chocolatey.”

She immediately replies, “Once upon a time, I took a pita, threw it in a pan, heated it up, smothered it in Nutella with strawberries, folded it over, and ate it. Slowly. It lasted forever and when I finished, I was immensely satisfied.”

I love her, she always knows how to save me from me.

I put the rice cakes away, opened my computer and started scrolling through Facebook. The posts ranged from a freshly-baked, mouthwatering eight layer rainbow cake with chocolate and raspberry filling, to my friend from college eating blue cotton candy with his girlfriend, and my friend from high school eating powdered sugar covered fried dough with his boyfriend. I closed Facebook.

As a last resort, I chose meditation. Meditation always brings my equilibrium back to grateful and sane.

Conquering PMS cravings is simply an issue of mind over matter. My mind is much stronger than a little chocolate craving.

A mere shift in attitude and approach can set you directly on your path to physical and spiritual wellness, with immediate positive results. All it takes is a little bit of courage, a bit of patience, and an infinite amount of self-love.

Living a healthier lifestyle represents a type of existence that moves away from artificial elements in both products utilized and relationships lived, to return spontaneously and simply to nature. Even more than a rich, milk chocolate bar, I crave a good book to read at night and pair of juicy lips to kiss goodnight. It all begins with your body, with the care you devote to yourself both inside and out, and the choices you make.

When I’m not freaking out over hunger pains, I am constantly seeking new ways to overcome my sensitive skin issues. Women like me with sensitive skin problems who choose not to live with constant irritation and inflammation discomfort, have started more and more to make lifestyle changes to a more natural way of shopping for products that come into close contact with their body, especially their skin. These empowered women avoid preservatives, dyes, sweeteners and other synthetic substances.

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