PROVEN FACT: Using 100% Cotton Pads will Reduce Vaginal Irritation and Discomfort

A clinical study conducted in France on 306 women (average age: 32 years old) demonstrated that the use of 100% cotton feminine care products reduces skin irritation by 90%, as just three months.

The main objective of the EVVITA Study: Survey on Vulva-Vaginitis and Associated Discomforts was to evaluate whether patients who switch to 100% cotton pads notice an improvement in their intimate comfort level and a reduction in discomfort, irritation, etc. experienced as opposed to when they used their regular, conventional feminine care products.

The burning question: Does using intimate care 100% cotton products truly make a positive difference in respect to comfort and irritation for women with sensitive skin?

The Study indicated that the use of 100% cotton protection significantly reduces irritation, discomfort or itching sensations that patients had complained about while using national brands. In particular, among the patients reporting discomforts (n=236) and/or itching/irritation (n=228) simply changing their feminine care product to one made with 100% cotton, resulted in a reduction of discomfort in 90% of the cases.

The Patients and their Period

  • 65% of the women surveyed had a period that lasted more than 5 days.
  • 85% of the women surveyed had an abundant flow for the first 2-3 days.
  • Women surveyed used an average of 5.2 feminine care products in a 24 hour period. More than half of the women wear pads, with only 16% not wearing them at night. 12% wear pads with tampons. One out of five women uses panty liners 365 days a year. 25% of the women surveyed use tampons during their period, 16% to play sports, and 2% only at the beginning or the end of their period. 24% of the women surveyed do not use tampons.
  • 90% of women surveyed suffering from sensitive skin say that their symptoms worsen during their periods. 68% believe this is directly related to the brand of products they were using at the beginning of this study, which motivated 67% to change protection.
  • 90% of women surveyed confirmed that they would appreciate advice about feminine care protection from their gynecologists.

An aspect of 100% cotton that women clearly appreciated is the absorption factor: two out of 3 women reporting a humid sensation with the product they usually used, experienced a drier sensation with 100% cotton, reducing the risk of weakening the vaginal barrier function.

Based on the level of improvement achieved, 94% of the women surveyed stated that they would change their current feminine care product to use 100% cotton feminine care products. That is how effective the difference was in improving comfort, irritation and itching.

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