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The Vagina

In adolescence and adulthood, the vagina becomes acidic (around 4.5), protecting it from infection and favoring the growth of symbiotic bacteria that ferment cellular glycogen into lactic acid. Thanks to this acidity, lactobacilli protect women from vaginal discharge and vulvovaginal infections, preventing the proliferation of a wide range of pathogens.

Many women tend to suffer more from vaginal infections when they have their cycle, since blood changes the vaginal pH and disrupts the balance.

To keep your vagina healthy even during that time of the month, remember these good habits:

  • Wear cotton panties. Cotton dries quickly and allows the air to circulate freely through the fibers. This prevents the development of a moist environment. Moisture creates an imbalance between “good” bacteria and causes the proliferation of potentially harmful bacteria capable of causing an infection. Synthetic materials, silk, lace or other fabrics are not particularly breathable.
  • If you like to wear panties made of non-cotton materials, make sure the section of the lingerie that comes into contact with your vagina is covered with an Organyc® 100% pure, organic cotton panty liner.
  • Use Organyc products designed to respect a woman’s sensitive skin:
    • Made from 100% organic cotton – the purest kind – inside and out
    • Organyc proudly displays the 100% Cotton seal
    • Organyc brand pads, liners, and tampons have been UL tested and demonstrate comparable performance to Always and Tampax
  • Free from:
    • chlorine bleach
    • latex
    • parabens
    • perfumes
    • dyes
    • super absorbent chemicals
    • plastics*
    • man made materials
    • wood pulp
    • synthetics
  • Clinically proven to not cause skin rashes, irritations, etc. and to help alleviate skin problems that can be caused by other feminine hygiene products.
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic
  • Skin pH compatible

* The backsheet is made of biodegradable film.

It goes without saying that maintaining the pH of the acidic skin is essential, both from an aesthetic point of view and from a health-conscious point of view. It is of vital importance to use quality products that do not attack the skin balance.

Once you understand the importance of your skin’s pH, you then comprehend the necessity of using Organyc 100% pure, organic feminine care products to protect and respect your sensitive skin.

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About Organyc sensitive skin feminine care products.  Organyc feminine care products are made of 100% organic cotton inside and out are the only brand which provides complete protection for you and your sensitive skin. They have unsurpassed absorbency and leak protection and are cotton-soft and gentle. Conceived in Milan, Italy, they are now available at leading stores and ecommerce retailers throughout the U.S.  To order a sample (tampons, liners or pads) or learn more call 1-844-ORGANYC (1-844-674-2692) or visit the Samples & Coupons page.

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