More Complete Protection for you and your Sensitive Skin

Take control of how to care for your sensitive skin.

Identify Potential Triggers: Protect yourself from Inflammation with Organyc

Sensitive skin may be delicate, thin, fragile and often reactive. Faced with external aggression, it tends to react excessively, causing redness, irritation and inflammation. Although skin sensitivity may affect anyone, certain situations may leave delicate skin more “at-risk”. When the skin is clear, transparent, thin, tendentiously dry and highly reactive in the sun, it is most likely also very sensitive.

Identify the Causes

Skin sensitivity affects 63% of women. This percentage gives an idea of exactly how widespread of a problem this may be! Depending on age and the environment, skin quality may vary. Indeed, a so-called “normal” skin can evolve over time and become sensitive, then very reactive, until it is truly intolerant. All skin types are affected by this problem: combination skin, normal skin, oily skin, and dry skin may all become sensitized, dehydrated skin.

Be aware when your skin reacts to forms of external (environmental and topical) aggression. Such reactions may also be heavily influenced by internal factors including stress, fatigue, and hormonal imbalance. Sensitized skin may become quite intolerant during a crisis period. In addition to external elements, women with sensitive skin must choose their cosmetics, attentively, as reactions to inappropriate cosmetics occur in about 25% of women. An important trigger involves the application of a cosmetic product containing a badly tolerated ingredient. Other factors including cold, hot, wind, pollution, sun, water and tobacco also aggravate skin sensitivity. These phenomena affect between 15% and 20% of women.

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