Imperfection is beauty.

“Madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

After 8 years of loving life as a blonde, I decided to go dark brunette. Like snap. I found that people were much nicer to me as a blonde than when I had been red, or even light brown, so for eight long, happy, satisfying years, I basked in my blonde glory. I had told my husband the night before that I was thinking of changing my hair color, and he said, “Stay blonde, I don’t like change.”

Well that just about sealed my deal, so the next morning I called my hairdresser and asked if they had an opening. As fate would have it, the girl who normally does my blonde, who insists that I’m blonde inside and who every single time I try to suggest a color change, shakes her head and glares at me condescendingly, was out for two weeks for knee problems. Now if that wasn’t a sign from the up above…

There I was, drenched in anxiety induced sweat and the dark color treatment that went on fuscia, when I received a desperate text message from my daughter, “Mom, I just got my period, and I don’t have my pads, can you come and get me from school?”


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