Live by Choice…Not by Chance

“Life is very short. Insecurity is a waste of time.”
Diane Von Furstenberg

Who hasn’t suffered from some sort of irritation during your period, especially during the sweaty months of Summer? More or less every woman has experienced that itching, burning, annoying sensation aggravated by certain feminine care products that you want to rip from your body during those desperate moments.

You should definitely not be dreading getting your period because your skin rebels against famous national brands. You should instead, definitely educate yourself regarding potentially irritating, inflammation-causing ingredients in the products you eventually choose.

The skin of your vagina is extremely delicate. It is therefore necessary to seek out products with comfortable, all-natural, organic ingredients. The prolonged use of certain pads and/or tampons not made using 100% organic cotton, throughout your entire period may have a detrimental effect on your vagina as it is consistently in contact with synthetic, non-natural products.

A reaction to such ingredients generally starts with a feeling of itching, followed by redness, with bubbles or dots, which then often turn into blisters and drowsiness.

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