Just a Spoonful of Chocolate…

Every woman has a story to tell.

We all need one bestie who understands what we’re not saying; someone who puts a jar of Nutella on the table, looks you in the eyes, opens the palm of your hand, and places a spoon in it.

Your weak moment may involve love, work, kids, sex, lack thereof, but she doesn’t insist, she waits until you want to talk, and allows you to cry into the jar. She lets you be you, and holds your hand. She may utter two words as simple as Maroon 5 that transport you to an insane concert or way back when to your first crush. She may take a napkin, transform it into a bow tie and lead you to reminisce about your old 11th grade English teacher who regularly matched the color of his bow tie to his shoelaces.

After slyly taking you from gloom and doom to sunshine, she will eventually recite her infamous Top 10 Soul Sister Sayings:


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