How To Care for Your Sensitive Skin

A sensitive skin is an intolerant skin.

Listening to your body and honoring its signals is one of the purest, easiest forms of self-love. You know your body’s truth by the way you feel. Independent of your skin type (dry, normal, oily, combination), you may be subject to sensitive skin.

Your choice of skin care regime and products that come into close contact with your body, no doubt, plays an important role in how your skin may react. When chosen wisely, personal care products may strengthen or protect the skin against adverse factors.

However, some cosmetics may also cause negative, irritating reactions such as redness, itching, allergies etc.

A sensitive skin is an intolerant skin to everything with which it comes into contact, namely soaps, and creams. The intolerance is manifested by itching, burning, dryness, redness and flaking: the triggers are the skin’s difficulty to retain water and a scarce amount of lipids in the most superficial layer of the skin where the protective function, skin barrier is compromised.

Sensitive skin is a constitutional phenomenon, not a result of allergies to components of the products applied. It can also affect skin-healthy subjects. Stress, climatic factors (such as the change of season), dust mites, animal hair and menstrual cycle are some of the causes that may affect the severity of symptoms.

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