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“Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others – not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.”
– Anon


What makes a woman unique?

  • She looks you directly in the eye: Eye contact is one thing, but looking you in the eye is something much more profound. The intense “I see your soul” stare screams “I know my own soul, I love myself, now share something with me that will enrich me.” When you meet a woman with those eyes, she has suffered and recovered, she will reveal herself as your greatest ally, if you stand your ground and shake her hand.
  • She silently observes, listens actively, and validates your concerns, while looking you directly in the eye: During a conversation, you may find that as you try to explain your horrifying situation, the person you are speaking to has an even more horrifying situation to share; as you share your most joyous moment – the other person’s moment is even more beautiful than yours. The one-uppers. Conversation is no longer dialogue, it’s a contest. They only listen to talk, they don’t listen to empathize. When a woman gives you space to share your intimate thoughts, and focuses on you, keep her in your life.
  • She is authentic, and she looks you directly in the eye: She is always true to herself, and therefore she will always be true to you. Reflect.

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