Friday Happy Hour

Keep your heels, head, and standards high.
-Coco Chanel

Friday Happy Hour with my colleagues: I just got my period, have mega-cramps and would love to click my own ruby red heels to take me any other place than the insanely long line I was currently waiting in for a glass of cranberry juice on the rocks. Good thing I’m 6’2”, I love that I have that extra breathing space all to myself in crowded bars. As I glance down, I notice a woman plucking her pad out of the back of her pants and shifting uncomfortably. I know that little dance…

“I have experienced vaginal irritation on and off for many years.  I didn’t realize that wearing ordinary pads and panty liners like Always were irritating my skin, but after wearing Organyc for a few days, I feel much less irritated. I think they’re really making a difference.”
Amanda E., Gainesville, FL

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