Extremely Sensitive Skin

Extremely sensitive skin is a common condition in women, and may be identified on the basis of a series of symptoms, such as: burning, dizziness, dryness and itching often associated with visible signs such as intense redness, thinning of the skin’s superficial layer, and more or less obvious cracks. In the most extreme cases, even contact with lukewarm water, can cause redness, a feeling of tension and burning, which is usually also difficult to soothe.

Cosmetics and Detergents

Subjects often complain of not tolerating any cosmetic products or any detergent soap. Exposure to the sun, intense cold and wind causes an almost immediate, very annoying and sometimes persistent reaction. These symptoms can become chronic as the skin becomes more and more sensitive leading to an even higher level of intoleration to various cosmetics. In most cases the reaction is triggered by some external agents such as intense cold, wind, food imbalances, and aggressive cosmetics. Although it is not an allergic disease, oftentimes, women who suffer may experience what is similar to an allergic reaction to cosmetics or detergents. In this case, however, the symptom of itching is dominant. Causes can be termed “constitutional”, meaning that certain subjects have genetically more responsive skin to external stimuli, perhaps linked to a response to internal hormonal, emotional, and stress-induced stimuli.

Awareness Leads to Prevention

There are many treatments useful to alleviating this common condition of the skin, and it is also important to consciously avoid:

  • Temperature fluctuations (do not stand for a long time near sources of intense heat such as heaters, ovens, fireplaces, avoid direct exposure to the sun).
  • Food imbalances (avoid alcohol, spicy and spicy foods).

An important approach to preventing extreme skin reactions is to pay close attention to the ingredients contained in feminine care products that come into close contact with your intimate body parts.

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