100% Pure Organic Cotton: Organyc is a Guarantee for your Sensitive Skin

Once a month, for 5 days (if you’re lucky) feminine care products are placed in direct contact with your vagina – do you take the time to read about what is actually in the pads and tampons that touch your body?

Your sensitive skin may be reacting to the feminine products you use.  Before discussing feminine care products, let’s talk sensitive skin, in general.  Regardless of skin type, there are some factors that can trigger or encourage excessive sensitivity: 63% of women feel they have sensitive skin. Natural sensitive skin, oftentimes seen as clear, fine skin may manifest as a dry, flaky surface that reddens easily (perhaps with an early rosacea). Sensitive reactive skin may manifest trouble due to cold, sun, wind, and cheap cosmetics or feminine care products. Some women have occasionally sensitive skin, whereas a skin disorder or particularly stressful situation may trigger skin sensitivity.

Skin sensitivity comes in many shapes and forms:

  • Dehydrated skin: provokes tightness and irritation.
  • Dry to very dry skin: contributes to a weakening of the protection functions, and the appearance of fine lines
  • Combination or oily skin: small shiny areas on the sides of the nose and on the high cheekbones
  • Environmentally sensitive skin: manifests immediate reactions to the slightest opposition.

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