10 Things you will NOT find in any Organyc Sensitive Skin Feminine Care Products

An intuitive woman and a woman with sensitive skin have comparable reactions.

An intelligent woman simply cannot stand certain behaviors:

  • Avoid winking at her from across a crowded room;
  • Wipe your sweaty hand and firm up that handshake before introducing yourself;
  • Do not invade her private space;
  • Floss and freshen your breath before approaching her.

The list grows on…

An intuitive woman analyzes situations quickly and can usually detect whether a person is a friend or a foe. Be simple, natural, trustworthy and transparent. Hold her hand, and live love as an active verb. If intuitive women experience moments intensely and feel deeply, women with sensitive skin react in a comparable manner, physiologically speaking, based on whether a product is all natural or cheaply made.

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