Where are Organyc products made?

Organyc pads and panty liners are manufactured in Italy, while the tampons are manufactured in Slovenia.

Where is the organic cotton sourced from?

The organic cotton used in Organyc products comes from right here in the US in North & South Carolina.

Are Organyc products tested on animals?

No - Corman is against testing products on animals and does not test any of their products on animals (Organyc and all other Corman brands)

Do your products have fragrance or perfume added?

Organyc products have no fragrance or perfume added. Many times, the scent you smell in the pads or panty liners is the natural, fresh smell of cotton.

What is the length of your pads and panty liners?

Folded Panty Liners (Light) - 6 inches

Flat packed Panty Liners (Light +) - 6.5 inches

Moderate - 9.3 inches

Heavy - 10.5 inches

Super/Maternity - 8.75 inches

Are the pads good for light incontinence?

You can use Organyc products for light incontinence, but we would recommend using our brand of light incontinence called Elyte, Corman’s 100% cotton light incontinence product that provides protection for sensitive skin and the absorption you need.

Is the packaging biodegradable?

Yes. The box is cardboard, while the individual bags and the outer bag are both made from mater-bi (cornstarch), which is environmentally friendly.

Are the pads reusable or intended for one use only?

The pads are intended to be used only once and should be disposed properly after use.

Are Organyc products flushable?

The tampons themselves are flushable, but we do not recommended flushing any other Organyc product.

Are your products bleached with chlorine?

No. Organyc products are only bleached with hydrogen peroxide, a safe, naturally occurring disinfectant.

Are these available just in the U.S and Canada?

No. Organyc is sold in over 26 countries around the world.

What is the pH of your Organyc intimate wash?

The pH of Intimate Wash is pH 5-5.5 (which helps to keep your vagina’s pH at its optimal, healthy level).


Where can I buy your products?

Organyc feminine care products are available in leading stores, while the whole line of products (including beauty & baby) can be found online. Check the online stores and call your local stores to see if they carry Organyc products (locations may vary). See a list of the stores you can purchase at here.

Do you have coupons available?

Yes. Check out the Coupons page on this website.